Investment consultation

The park companies will enjoy the following
government support policy

  • Double zone superposition development

    National New District and Free Trade Zone, to enjoy the advantages of dual-zone development.

  • The country’s first batch of health tourism demonstration base.

    You can apply for the first pilot of the special medical industry support policy. Such as immunotherapy, stem cells, foreign innovative drugs, special organizations such as import and export.

Application Process
  • Application

The enterprise fill the relevant application information and prepare all the data according to the requirements.

  • Submit Data

Submit all the prepared data through the GDMV office website.

  • Qualification Review

Auditting the project according to the incubating standards and setting the target for hatching enterprises.

  • Office

Start the incubting services to realize the target ,GDMV provides industrial services, management and other mass-based services, and evaluate hatching results regularly.

  • Check in.

Checking in.according to the relevant procedures, and become the beneficiary of the GDMV resources

  • Interview

Interview with an enterprise and discuss the requirements of both parties.

Incubation project

Guangdong Medical Valley The standing council unit of Guangdong Medical Device Management Association

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