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Guangdong Medical Valley (GDMV), established in 2014, specializing in medical instrument and bio-pharmaceutical industry,is an all-around investment incubation platform,including the medical equity investment and medical industry supporting service. It is the one of the founders of China Medical Industry Alliance and the standing council unit of Guangdong Medical Device Management Association

GDMV industry incubator is optimized and designed for the medical treatment industry, to meet the special demands of environmental protection, storey height ,load-bearing etc ,of medical business .which gathers 7service modules of incubation, office, research & development, production, warehousing, talents and service, and equips with talents apartments , Staff restaurants, cafes, hanging gardens, fitness facilities and so on , can offer superior infrastructure and the professional services for the Settled enterprises.

GDMV is a professional investment & managerment company of incubator for medical equipment and biotechnology industry ,which is the strategic layout of massive health industry by the Zhongda Venture Capital Group, also the first medical incubator landing Nansha district .Guangdong Medical Valley Nansha Business Incubator has specific geographical advantages, located in the free trade area of geometric center of the Pearl River Delta , next to Nansha Port. GDMV Nansha Business Incubator will fight for the national exemplary medical industry incubator.

Guangdong Medical Valley integrates resources of Zhongda Venture Capital Group , to create the innovative service platform of production and service integration , which consists of different service formats with all aspects of production services. The service platform can not only offer the services of talent, technology, funds, but also the services of Preliminary research and development., certification of medical equipment clinical trial , online promotion, supply chain services, Financing services,warehousing logistics , business tax., legal advisers and financial accounting services.

In addition, in order to promote the communication industrially, the park will be held high-level industrial activities from time to time,like Open Day of Guangdong Medical Valley ,China Medical Industry Summit Forum, Guangdong Medical Valley Cup of Entrepreneurship Competition, Biotechnology Industry Exchange and so on.

Hardware advantage
1, high: the first floor of 7 meters, more than 5 meters on the second floor
2, load: the first layer is 1000kg/㎡, the 2 ~ 5 layer is 800 kg / ㎡, above the sixth layer is 500 kg / ㎡
3, power supply: dual power supply, dual loop uninterruptible power supply
4, ancillary equipment: park shuttle bus direct access to subway, talent apartments, restaurants, fitness facilities, leisure and so on

Value-added advantage
1, professional frontier medical technology research
2, the authority of the consultants to provide profession guidance tutor
3, rich experience in medical investment
4, medical industry fund: large health angel investment, medical industry investment fund
5, mature, high-quality medical health industry incubator platform
6, resource-rich communication platform: Guangdong Medical Valley open day, China Medical Industry Alliance Summit Forum, “GDMV Cup” Entrepreneurship Competition, international exchanges

Government support advantage
1, National New District and Free Trade Zone, double zone super imposed development
2, The country’s first batch of health tourism demonstration base, you can apply for the first pilot of the special medical industry support policy
3, By Nansha District “1+1+10”industry policy system support, the specific reference to “1+1+10”industry policy details
4, 10 new points of Guangzhou to support the bio-pharmaceutical industry, and many other awards


Guangdong Medical Valley The standing council unit of Guangdong Medical Device Management Association

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