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GDMV Nansha Business Incubator is landing in the Nansha Pearl River Industrial Park, belongs to the Nansha Free Trade Area .The total investment of the project is about 20 billion RMB. The incubator covers an area of 70 acres and construction area is 176,000㎡ ,the volume rate is 4.39,the park plans to introduce about 300 medical equipment and bio-pharmaceutical enterprises.The next five years, GDMV will establish five incubator bases in Guangdong, Shanghai, Chengdu, Wuhan and other places with a total construction area of 200 million ㎡, aim to become a professional investment incubation group with 300 outstanding medical enterprises .

Guangdong Medical Valley(GDMV) Nansha Business Incubator is a key project in Guangzhou, focusing on medical equipment and bio-pharmaceutical Industrial investment incubation. GDMV proposed the concept of Industrial incubator creatively , The incubator park is optimized and designed for the medical treatment industry, will fight for the national exemplary medical incubator.

Now,except the domestic excellent medical equipment and biomedicine enterprises ,there are outstanding international projects Is ready to be settled,they are from the United States, Israel, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Australia, the sixteen countries in central and eastern Europe and Taiwan. the total demand of enterprises Has exceeded the total area of the first phase of the park. Settled enterprises are mainly medical equipment and biomedical research and high-tech enterprises, like precision medical, genetic testing, tumor adjoint diagnosis and other service-oriented enterprises.

On the basis of fully understanding the ecology of medical industry, GDMV establishes an outstanding service system by integrating resources of third-party service enterprises upstream and downstream,providing enterprises with services of technology, capital, testing, registration, GMP plant, public laboratories, warehousing logistics, sales channels, trading platform online and offline, finance, exhibition, publicity and other aspects of integrated services.The medical health industry integrated ecosystem will help enterprises to reduce the operating costs and improve the success rate of incubation.

1、With regional advantages prominently, Nansha Medical Business Incubator locates in the Pearl River Industrial Area.
2、The industrial land is scarcity in the Free Trade Zone, which is the optimal choice for high-end corporations.
3、Thanks to the extremely convenient transportation, it is only 1 kilometer from “sushiqing” Exit of Nansha Port Expressway.
4、The around development has been completed basically, the well-equipped living facilities are all in readiness nearby. Which give the convenient living environment for personnel.

GDMV Shanghai Business Incubator is located in Quanbei Road ,Yangpu district,Shanghai medical Business incubator will help the start-up company grow up rapidly by providing professional medical resources、investment and financing services to meet the demanding of the office space, R&D support, marketing and other requirements .


Guangdong Medical Valley The standing council unit of Guangdong Medical Device Management Association

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